About Us

 Welcome to our passion project! 
We have both spent many years volunteering at shelters, fostering, and adopting out animals. While spending time at these shelters/ rescues and speaking to other volunteers, it became hard to ignore the immense help needed to care for the never ending cycle of disadvantaged animals. When we created House Cat, we had one simple idea in mind: help fund and support the animal rescues/organizations that work hard to provide care for the animals in their community.

Shelters are overflowing with animals, and when people are searching for a pet, rescuing should be their intention. 

Proceeds from your purchase of any House Cat product is donated to a selected nonprofit. We choose each one with your help. Be sure to check our ‘WHERE WE DONATE’ tab, and don’t hesitate to reach out with suggestions for where we should donate in the future.

We are currently registered as an LLC in California. We are partnered with a company named "LIFO" who helps us manufacture our products and fulfill orders. If you have been with us from the beginning, you know that we did this on our own for the first year and thankfully reached the point where we needed to expand! The two of us front all of the money it takes to buy fabric, sample pieces, manufacture, ship, etc. When we sell products, Lifo takes 15% of total gross sales, we then reimburse ourselves back for the exact amount it costs us to have the pieces manufactured, and every other cent is donated.


We do not make any money from House Cat.


With love, Michelle & Chandler