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Angels of Life Village for Stray Animals

Angels of Life Village is an organization in Adana, Turkey. They provide food and treatment to stray animals that are hungry, old, disabled, sick, or abused. Founded in 2005, they house 200 dogs and 80 cats on a plot of land where the animals are able to run free. The hefty expenses of this, transportation fees, and treatments are becoming impossible for them to keep up with.

Your purchase of a House Cat hat made it possible for them to keep up such incredible work. See their GoFundMe if you feel called to donate more.





Michelson Found Animals

This incredible LA-based rescue was started by Dr. Gary Michelson, who established the first free pet microchip registry to help reconnect every lost pet with their homes. Since 2005, they have extended shelter, top medical care, and adoption opportunities to over 5 million stray animals and counting. Proceeds from this drop went to aid Michelson in their continuing endeavor to enrich the lives of stray animals in Los Angeles and surrounding cities.


Kitty of Angels 

Kitty of Angels, another noteworthy Los Angeles rescue, primarily focuses on saving the lives of high-risk cats and kittens who are in the city shelter system, and getting them into foster homes as soon as possible. They also support the important practice of catching, fixing, and releasing feral cats in order to address the ever-growing issue of feline overpopulation in LA. 

Drop 3 proceeds will provide relief to this small organization of hard-working, dedicated individuals. 

You can also donate directly to them here.


Milo's Sanctuary

Milo's Sanctuary is a non-profit founded on the belief that all cats deserve a second chance at life, especially those that have physical disabilities, are seniors, have a terminal illness, or have been abused and need someone to care for, love, and understand them. Your purchase from House Cat will go directly to this organization to help these kitties.

You can also directly donate here.



                                              DROP FIVE

                                          Black Cat Holistic Rescue

Black Cat Holistic Rescue is a no kill animal rescue organization that specializes in saving black cats and kittens from euthanasia by pulling them out of the shelters, fostering them and finding adoptive families to give them a forever home. They also provide holistic services as a supplement to traditional veterinary care to the cats that they rescue and to cats in the care of other rescue organizations in their area..

Your purchase from House Cat will go directly to this organization to help these kitties.

You can also directly donate here.




Shelter Friend Ukraine is the temporary home to 600+ animals, many of which are disabled and have been saved from troubled situations. From broken backs and missing limbs to blindness and disease, all animals are taken in and cared for with the goal of complete recovery and rehoming. After each treatment, their facilities are cleaned and sterilized from any potential bacteria or parasites. The animals then live at the shelter until they find their forever homes.

Shelter Friend Ukraine exists solely because of their dear volunteers who save, feed, and treat each rescue. Without support from the state or government, they rely solely on charitable donations from the public. This is where you come in!                                                     


Rescue for Winston

The founder, Laila, advocates for the implementation of animal rights laws in Kuwait. She wants to raise awareness regarding the neglect and poor treatment of animals in Kuwait whether they are stray or handled and kenneled at NAS (National Aviation Services). She felt called to do this after experiencing the tragic loss of her own cat, Winston, due to neglect at the hands of NAS employees. Laila also fosters and works closely with rescues. 

You can donate directly to Laila's cause here.



The Last Chance Cat Ranch is the largest cat rescue south of Calgary. They are a not-for-profit, no-kill rescue organization. Their mission is to save cats and kittens from untimely deaths, which includes providing necessary veterinary care to homeless and abandoned cats. They tirelessly do their best to find fur-ever homes for abandoned, stray, and surrendered cats when financially able to do so. They are an entirely volunteer-based rescue, and no one receives a salary, including administrative personnel.

You can help their cause here.